Anchorage and Alaska Public Art

In 1975 Alaska’s Legislature passed the Percent for Art in Public Places statute which requires spending up to 1% of construction cost of public buildings on art. Anchorage, Alaska, also has a similar program of 1% for art.

When a visitor arrives at the new section of Anchorage International Airport the attached art picture can be viewed. Canopy was installed in 2008 and might be missed if you are merely looking straight ahead. At eyelevel all that is visible are pillars made to look like tree trunks. Look up! Wow what a treat!

Another work of art at the airport is that of Northern Lights; however the location of this work is in the tunnel going to the train. This section is often closed.

We at Camai Bed and Breakfast enjoy suggesting activities for our guests and have printed a list of twenty-two pages of public art as just one suggestion.

Regarding the Anchorage 1% for art works: one of my favorite works of public art Boreal Ballet done by Keith Appel. It is a colored lights display on an aluminum exterior in front of a Northern Lights ABC School at Lake Otis and Dowling. This is best viewed this time of year, just like the real Northern Lights.

Another favorite of mine is located at the main entrance to East High School located on Bragaw near Northern Lights Boulevard. This work, “Thunderbird Sunrise” done by Marcus Tingle, is a stained glass window over the front entrance.

An artist friend of mine once told me that art should evoke a reaction in its viewer. Another public work of art does evoke a reaction for me. It is located outside the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. Antony Gormley created “Habitat” which is a sculpture of 57 stainless steel stacked boxes. Can you see a seated person with arms crossed?

We in Anchorage Alaska are fortunate to have such numerous and varied works of public art to up-lift and inspire us.

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