Hawaii’s Oldest Lutheran Church

Lihue Lutheran Church on Kauai was founded June 1881 and is the oldest Lutheran church in Hawaii. The German immigrants who founded the church came to Kawai to work on a sugar plantation. Their voyage was six months and around Cape Hope. The church’s edifice was built in 1885 to replicate that of a ship which carried out the symbolism of the church as a ship.

In 1982 Hurricane Iwa destroyed the building. It has since been lovingly rebuilt in the same architectural style.

This Alaskan (Caroline) was practicing the organ in the balcony today when a tour group came through. The balcony is like the captain’s bridge. The acoustics in the sanctuary are outstanding.

When on Kauai plan to visit and/or worship here. The sanctuary is open weekdays in the morning. Sunday worship services are at 8AM and 10:30AM. The Rev. Dr. Paul Kirchner is the pastor.

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