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Green Information

Offering green lodging in Anchorage, Alaska, Camai Bed and Breakfast is a Green Star award winner.

Camai B&B continues to work toward three “Green” goals of becoming an environmentally friendly bed and breakfast by significantly reducing solid waste disposal, of recycling aluminum cans, plastics, mixed paper, and glass; and of reusing products. We encourage our employees to use alternative transportation such as walking, bicycling, and riding the city bus. We provide the Web site link for the city bus to guests, as well as a hard copy of the bus schedule.

We provide recycling containers to enable guests to recycle aluminum, plastics, mixed paper, and glass. We work to reduce energy and water consumption. We committed to buying a hybrid car, which we accomplished in November 2008. We installed water restrictors on the bathroom and kitchen faucets. Two out of the four toilets are low volume flush. We are committed to replacing the other two when next we remodel a bathroom. Guest suites have 100% recycled paper toilet paper. Cleaning products are environmentally sound. Laundry is done with the high efficiency washer and dryer.

At breakfast, guests are treated to organic fair trade coffee and cocoas. Caroline works to educate other members of the Anchorage Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association to take actions to lessen the impact on the beauty of Anchorage and Alaska. With other Anchorage Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association board members, she implemented the association’s “Going Green” Program.








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