Camai Bed and Breakfast Privacy Policy


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Information Collection

At Camai Bed and Breakfast we are dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal identification information. Our main reason for collecting your personal information is to provide you with a streamlined experience in making reservations at Camai Bed and Breakfast. The only information we collect about you is that which we consider necessary for achieving this. All the identifiable information you provide will not be disclosed to anyone else unless we are specifically requested to do so. Camai Bed and Breakfast does not give or sell any of your information we collect on our site.

Cookies that are needed for the login process, functioning of our website, and performance of our website are only used by us. We do not store information for marketing or reselling of your information to others.


At Camai Bed and Breakfast we take security seriously. When a user makes a reservation we use every precaution to safe guard it online and offline.

Website’s Materials

Materials on Camai Bed and Breakfast’s website were prepared for informational purposes only. We make no warranties as to accuracy or timeliness, express or implied, regarding the material posted on the site. Opinions are those of the authors of the resource material posted. All materials must be subjected to the reader’s evaluation and not relied upon as professional advice.