Church Activities – Pioneer Home

My congregation (St. Mark ELCA) partners with another Lutheran congregation and does a Lutheran Fellowship Hour on the first Thursday of each month. We do this in the dementia wing of the Anchorage Pioneer Home.

Last night’s Fellowship Hour was on the theme of the Good Shepherd. I enjoy playing the hymns so everyone can sing. Last night we sang hymns, and our leader (Fran) encouraged each person there to tell what memories or reflections they had concerning shepherds.

At the close one of our congregation members (Doris) gave each person there a large hand-made cross which she fashioned using yarns, ribbons and artificial flowers. As she gave each person his or her wrapped gift of a cross, Doris said, “I made this with love for you.” What power there was in that. Each resident showed true joy and let her know the exact spot where it would hang! One resident quickly left in her wheel chair, hung the cross, returned, and invited Doris to see what a great place she had for the cross.

It was a WOW moment!

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