Planning up-grades for Camai B&B

Yesterday I met with my interior decorator to work on plans for changes to the bathrooms and kitchen.

In the fall I intend to change the furnishings in the Rose Suite to antiques which were in my grandmothers late 1890’s home. I had the antique bed and dresser restored. The dresser has a marble top.

Going with the marble top, plans are being made to re-model the Rose Suite’s bathroom. The counters will be changed to a marble-like surface; mirrors will be changed as will the fixtures.

When it is done this winter, it will have a different look to the bedroom and bath area.

There are also changes in the planning stages to remodel the Peony Suite’s bathroom and have a granite counter as well as a different sink…perhaps a vessel sink.

The kitchen remodel is the biggest of the plans and I will be talking about that as time goes on.

Since we are fortunate to have guests throughout the summer, I plan to get all the remodel plans done as well as purchasing/obtaining the parts needed for the remodel done this summer. Come fall the actual tearing out and putting in new will happen.

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