More Moose (Cow & 2 calves)

A little more than a week ago we were visited by a cow and two calves who lay in the grass of our backyard. They were resting and provided a great opportunity for our guests to take pictures. I also got numerous photos. One you would have seen with this post if I knew how to operate my digital camera. I just found out I was taking movies of the moose. I will try to put those on my Facebook wall. As an aside if you want to be my “friend” please just send in the request. I’ve set up the account under “Caroline Dunbar Valentine.”

It was mid-afternoon when the moose were here. I had errands. I left the moose chewing their cuds.

Next morning I noticed the carnage in the garden. All the leaves were gone from our strawberry plants. Every broccoli plant was also gone. Further, one or several of them stripped the flowers off the center fuschsia hanging basket. This basket is right next to the basket which previously hosted the robin’s nest. There are other flowers throughout the garden that they ate before leaving.

They were being typical moose except for the fact that we did see them for a lengthy period of time.

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