Planting Tulips

Today Craig and I planted about 75 tulips at Camai Bed and Breakfast. The fall this year has been long and beautiful; however, snow showers are predicted for this week. So it was time for planting tulips.

We planted a mass of red bulbs in a small area behind our planting of yellow bulbs. Both are beside the house yet in an area where it is difficult for moose to access. In past years we planted tulips; watched them come up; saw the moose eat them just before they flowered. It was extremely disheartening. I think this new planting location is a favorable one for the tulip’s making it to flowering.

While we planted all the bulbs in 30 minutes using a bulb planter, I recommend using the “dig out a bed” method described at Pioneer Thinking’s website. We would have avoided digging up just planted bulbs. This happened several times to us.

When spring comes Camai B&B’s guests in the Fireweed Suite will walk by these new tulips as they enter their suite. The Peony Suite guests will see the tulips outside their bedroom window.

Having planted tulips gives all of us something of beauty that we can anticipate happening this spring.

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