Walking and Walkability Neighborhoods

Walking is the exercise of choice for many. You do not need much equipment beyond a good pair of walking shoes. You do not have to train for a half-marathon to reap the advantages of walking several times a week for 30 minutes or more. A person who walks can take in the surroundings at a reasonable pace and find a calming stillness from all the hustle and bustle of the day. Walking is good for weight control and appetite control as well as keeping your body flexible. Many articles have been written about the benefits of walking. Here is a particularly good article.

Jarvi Home Stay’s blog has valuable information on determining walkability of your neighborhood. Find your address’ Walkability score.

Camai Bed and Breakfast is located on Chester Creek which affords the opportunity to walk downstream to hook up with Anchorage’s Trail system. The Walkability score takes into account how close a residence is to grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops and similar businesses. Camai Bed and Breakfast’s Walkability score indicates that it is more car dependent than walking; however, it is located about a quarter of a mile to the bus stop besides having easy access to University and Anchorage trails.

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