Anchorage Alaska Moose and Bears Study

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game commissioned a study of Anchorage, Alaska, residents to find out our opinions on bear and moose population levels within Anchorage. We at Camai Bed and Breakfast were vacationing in Hawaii during the time approximately 2500 Anchorage phone numbers were called. About half of the called numbers resulted in a response.

As reported in today’s Anchorage Daily News, Anchorage residents “like having moose and bears as neighbors” however, we don’t want an increase in the number of moose or bears living here. Respondents indicated we find Anchorage “more interesting and special” because of the wildlife living here with us. The study is posted on the Anchorage Daily News website.

While my response was not taken, I certainly agree that I like having the wildlife living within Anchorage. Many of Camai Bed and Breakfast guests enjoy the moose that frequent our backyard’s garden. I also agree with the respondents who have almost no bears in their neighborhood and am thankful that in the almost 30 years of living in our frequently remodeled B&B, we have only heard about one bear several blocks away from our place.

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