Anchorage Alaska Fur Rendezvous’ Melodrama

A group of Anchorage Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association members went to the 20th annual Anchorage Fur Rondy Melodrama this afternoon. What hilarity! “Pirates of the Aleutians: Saloon Girls Gone Wild” lived up to its promise of out-right fun. We laughed, booed/hissed, cheered, and threw popcorn all over the place. The pirate captain, Meg Raven, sails out to find buried treasure with her crew. Along the way romances blossom as a villainous Captain Black Barry’s taking over the ship is thwarted. The parrot/accompanist added many truly corny knock-knock jokes. We all yelled many an “arrrrggh” as we enjoyed the fun and adventure of this year’s melodrama.

There is still time to go to the show. It plays through March 12. Tickets can be purchased on line and are extremely reasonably priced.

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